Award-winning Organic luxury candles crafted entirely by hand

Award-winning Organic luxury candles crafted entirely by hand

Award-winning Organic luxury candles crafted entirely by hand Award-winning Organic luxury candles crafted entirely by hand Award-winning Organic luxury candles crafted entirely by hand

Premium home cooked, hand poured candles and skin care with real organic fruits and herbs. Experience a safer alternative!


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Our Story


Organic candles made from scratch

Owner and Creator, Linden Mckenzie is a  full time wife and mother who created her award winning candle recipes in her very own kitchen located in rural upstate New York.  Her candles are not sold in stores as each order is uniquely crafted by her hand . 


A Healthier Candle

Most of us can relate to Linden when we tell you that she had a very limited budget. Being a mother of a child who had been diagnosed with a physical disability to conquer at the time and a husband living in a law enforcement academy, it was quite a challenge, but she wanted to create a special gift to give to her friends and family for the Holidays. As a licensed cosmetologist ,she had previously studied cosmetics, as a fashion design and merchandising major, she knew all about design and what would flow.  Linden had always been a creative soul and she was about to put that to good use . She purchased  fresh organic fruits from her local farmers stand and developed an all natural scent which she cooked into organic waxes, without dyes or harmful chemicals. She added an untreated piece of cedar for a wick and gave the candles as holiday gifts. People were immediately asking for more...she was onto something really incredible. 


Our Candle Became The Lindenandcocandle

The Linden and Co. candle company was formed and Linden still continues to cook and hand pour each and every single candle and skin care product.  Linden has created a high quality superior product at an affordable price and it is changing the life of families! Linden and her family have donated profits to the wounded warrior fund, St. Jude children's hospital, numerous local charities and fundraising events. She believes that her creations will change the world and we believe her! 

Organic Foods In our unique candles and Skin Care

Make a change

You eat organic, so why not breathe organic, too? The lindenandco candle is a superior clean burning candle made entirely by hand using premium ingredients and recycled materials. Our  mission is to create a healthier scent experience that our customers can enjoy without soot, dyes, lead or phlalates. We strive to give the best candle and skin care possible. Try it and smell the difference!

Monthly specials

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Burn clean

Be kind to your environment, your pets and your family. Join the hundreds of people making a positive change in their candle burning experience!

Customer Testimonials

Jen from New York


"These candles are the bomb.com" "I don't even have to burn it to enjoy the smell, I just pop one into my car cup holder and it freshens the air naturally." The lemon is my absolute favorite, smells super clean." "I will never buy a regular old candle again" "Im hooked!"

Tom from Massachusetts


"Thank you linden for giving me a stellar option as a gift for my wife." "These candles have lasted 100 times longer than flowers and the scents are all so amazing. " "Our entire family are customers for life" 

Nancy from North Carolina


"Hands down best candles on the planet" "Every single scent is amazing" " People are catching onto these fast! I order by the case of 12 every time she releases a new scent! Love love love!!!