About Linden and Co

Organic candles made from scratch

Owner and Creator, Linden Mckenzie is a full time wife and mother who created her award winning candle recipes in her very own kitchen located in rural upstate New York. Linden is a licensed Cosmetologist and esthetician who also has a background in Fashion Design and merchandising. She most recently completed her studies of Organic Chemistry and sustainable agriculture. Each and every order is uniquely crafted by her hand. Her candles have been featured on E! News as “best gift item” and touted by celebrities as their favorite gift to send.

Our Candle Became The Linden and co candle

The Linden and Co. candle company was formed and Linden still continues to cook and hand pour each and every single candle and skin care product. Linden has created a high quality superior product which enhances the air quality of our surrounds . Linden and her family have donated profits to the wounded warrior fund, St. Jude children's hospital, numerous local charities and fundraising events. She believes that her creations will change the world and we believe her!

Switch to non-toxic candles today

Experience a candle like no other. Our patented , dye-free vegetable wax blend enhanced with home cooked scents, a hand-cut wooden wick (no glue applied) and recyclable packaging made in the USA. Thank you for your support of small business.

Make a change

You eat organic, so why not breathe organic, too? The linden and co candle is a superior clean burning candle made entirely by hand using premium ingredients and recycled materials. Our mission is to create a healthier scent experience that our customers can enjoy without soot, dyes, lead or phlalates. We strive to give the best candle and skin care possible.

Try it and smell the difference!

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