Ultimate Candle Lovers Bundle

Ultimate Candle Lovers Bundle

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If you are a Candle Lover, this bundle is for YOU!!

Kitchen Lemon Candle: Meyer lemons for a fresh and clean feel.

Sunday Brunch Candle: Maple butter pancakes with orange zest.  

Raspberry Cookie Candle: Black raspberry with raw sugar and spiced vanilla.  

Soft Lavender Candle: Chamomile tea with fresh lavender tea.

Strawberry Macaron Candle: Fresh organic berries with buttery cookie cream.  

Himalayan Grapefruit Candle: Pink grapefruit and citrus with a Himalayan salt swirl.

Farmhouse Candle: Local raw honey and buttermilk.  

Wild Orchid Candle: Sea salt and soft jasmine with wild orchid blossom.

Blueberry Scone Candle: The scone has rich wild blueberry and a creamy buttermilk vanilla. Perfect for the kitchen! 

Fresh Coffee Bean Candle: Organic death wish coffee beans cooked in spices and cream.

Watermelon Margarita Candle: Sweet juicy watermelon with fresh lime zest.

Peaches and Cream Candle:  Sweet Georgia peaches and buttermilk cream. 

Elderberry Candle: Organic locally sourced berries with raw sugar.